The Multimedia Learning Center
Welcome to the multimedia learning center. The core design of the center is digitalization and multifunctionalization. The center provides a variety of audio-visual materials and comfortable environment for students and staffs to perform their studies and research.
"Zhang Jing-yu Memorial Library" has been established since twenty-five years ago. With the library collections diversification and digitalization, the library services is also required to improved as well. For example the overcrowded audio visual room in the fourth floor and its aging facilities could not satisfy the current users anymore. Therefore, we are proactively working on improvement of the audio-visual software and hardware. With the full support of the school principal, we were led to the " Chung Yuan Christian University Library multimedia learning center" project. The project is sponsored by the University General Support Department, the Excellenet Teaching Program subsidized by the Library and the Common Sense Education Center.
The Group Viewing Room in the center provide multimedia facitlities for more than 20 audiences for education purpose. The integrated control system can deploy a variety of usage patterns in order to meet the needs of users. For example, with the "watch movie mode" swtich, video player started simultaneously with the screen rolling down, curtains closed, lights off, and projector on. Such series of procedures are accomplised by the Central Control Center system automatically. The system flatten the staff learning curve, reduce the mechanical failure and save energy.

For small-group discussions or film appreciation teaching, the users could use one of the three available seminar rooms. Each seminar room could accommodate six people and is equipped with a 42-inch LCD TV, high-definition DVD player and a large whiteboard. The other 42-inch screen could be connected to the mobile devices such as notebook and any other sources.

E-learning area is located in the center of the main hall. The wall-like screen issues the latest news and the new movies. The area provides eight double seat reading desks and 16 single-seat reading desks. In addition to Internet access, it provides video on-demand(VOD), all kinds of online materials in variety of languages, library electronic resources, digital television, learning resources from digital broadcasting/satellite TV for you to choose.
Not able to find information? The Centre facilitates 11 search machines for you to find the information conveniently. The seven of them could even view VOD. Through these machines, the reader may surfing for the Bibliography, the list of the rich resources of the library!
The center mainly collect digital-based audio-visual materials, including Blu-ray DVD, DVD, VCD, CD and so on. You could enjoy the High-quality videos, listen to acoustic sound, and learn language online, and etc. With the elegant and efficient design of audio-visual facilities, students can learn interactively. Dont miss such good site.
Multimedia Learning Center is located on the second floor of the south building of the Holistic Education Village. It carry a showing window which exhibit various University cultural items from time to time. It makes the school staffs and students more tie to the school and progress with the school together.
The Centre does not allow water, food and beverages. Please leave them in the lockers at the entrance. Carry School bags and valuables with you. When entering the center,use library card sensor to get in. You are welcome to collect the materials on the racks personally, and then to registration desk to let librarian arranging seats and materials issueing through devices. Enjoy! The center is open in Monday to Friday 9:00 - 21:00, Saturday 9:00 - 17:00, closed on Sundays. Students and teachers can borrow maximum 10 pieces of audio-visual materials for 7 days in maximum.

The Audio Visual Room
The Audio Visual Room on the fourth floor of the library building holds mainly music CDs, LDs, VCDs, DVDs, Slides, audio tapes, video tapes, microform's materials and maps used for teaching, self-learning or entertainment
The faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university are free to use the collections in house, but only allowed to borrow the A-V materials by faculty, staff and students.
This is also an open sector in the Audio Visual room with a TV set and video tape and DVD players to allow group watching for up to 10 individuals.

Back issues of periodicals, theses and dissertation, earlier newspapers stored in microform can be found in this room where three microform reader-printers are provided for searching and copying.

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