所組別: 二技進修在職班 科目: 英文 考試時間: 7月20日第2節

I. Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it.
We do not generally think of the tongue as being one of the more vital parts of the human body, and taste is sometimes regarded as the least important of the five senses. Yet the tongue performs many necessary functions, and in fact we would have great difficulty in managing without it. Centuries ago criminals were punished for slight offences by having their tongues cut out and this was a much more serious loss than we might think.
The tongue assists in the process of chewing food. It rolls the food round the mouth so that it is evenly ground up. Perhaps its most important task is that of helping us to swallow. The muscles of the tongue contract and then push the ball of food down the throat. This swallowing reflex is vital to life.
Another of the tongue's functions is to help form sounds, which together make up our speech. The tongue can flex itself into a great variety of shapes which produce different sounds when air is forced past them. This is not a reflex action, however, but something for which the tongue must be trained. Babies experiment with different sounds for many months before they are able to form simple sentences. The cord on the underside of the tongue, if too short, can impair speech by restraining the tongue's motion. Fortunately, in modern times this defect can be corrected by surgery.
Taste buds are situated on the surface of the tongue as well as being scattered around the mouth. It is these buds which transmit impulses to the brain via the nervous system, stating whether the substance we can taste is sweet, bitter or salty, and whether we like it or not. Diseases which affect the taste buds distort taste or decrease the flavor of food, and it is only when this sense of taste is impaired that people realize what a pleasurable sense taste is. Normally, the tongue manages to keep out of the way of teeth which grind hundreds of times during a meal, but we all know how painful it can be when we make an error of judgement and bite our tongue. Then, despite the moisture in the mouth, the tongue manages to heal itself with surprising speed and we soon forget a wound which, on another part of the body, would remain obvious or painful for some time.
Although people pay very little attention to their tongues, we should appreciate the services they give us, so next time you eat or say something, spare a passing thought for this much ignored organ.
1. With which of the senses is the tongue most closely connected?
A.taste B. intuition C. touch D. smell
2. Intuition seems to be based more on _____than upon hard facts.
A. the tongue B. inner feeling C. rumors D. evidence
3. "We do not generally think of the tongue as being one of the more vital parts of the human body." This shows that
A. the tongue is an organ which we perhaps take for granted
B. human beings will find life difficult without a tongue
C. our knowledge of how the human body works is not perfect
D. we do not spend much time talking and eating each day
4. Which statement in the second paragraph is developed in the rest of the passage?
A. We do not think of the tongue as being one of the more vital parts.
B. Taste is sometimes regarded as the least important of the fivesenses.
C. Yet the tongue performs many necessary functions
D. In fact we would have great difficulty in managing without it.
5. In the process of chewing food, the tongue evidently works in conjunction with
A.the lips B. the teeth C. the stomach D. the speech cords
6. If something is wrong with the cord under the tongue it affects
A.doctors in hospitals badly B. the teeth C. the stomach D. the way in which we speak
7. We learn from the fifth paragraph that
A. all our taste buds are on the surface of the tongue
B.people can still taste things as long as their nervous system is working properly even if they have no taste buds
C.we do not appreciate the joys of the sense of taste until there is something wrong with our taste buds
D.people with diseased taste buds receive more interesting tastes than people with normal taste buds
8. In the fifth paragraph, "transmit" is similar in meaning to
A.control B. receive C. block D. send
9. In the fifth paragraph, "via" means
A.despite B. through C. into D. as well as
10. In the sixth paragraph, "obvious" could be replaced by ______ without changing the meaning of the sentence.
A.apparent B. smart C. harmful D. annoying
II. Read the passage below and fill in each blank with a word or expression chosen from the list that follows.
Each year, many tourists (11)_______ the swamps of Florida. In the past, many of them bought small alligators to (12)_____ home as pets. At first, they kept their pets in the bath or a (13)________ large container. However, when the alligators became too large or too hungry, people (14)__________ to get (15)______ them. Some small alligators were (16)_____ down the toilet. (17) ______ were dropped in ditches and (18)_______ their way into underground drainage systems. On their (19)_______ tours of the city's underground drains, workmen reported that they had seen huge black monsters. In three (20)______, the men claimed that they had been (21)_____ by these strange creatures. When an investigation was (22)______, it was found that some of the alligators had reached the drainage and sewer system and were living there, eating rats and anything else they could find.
11. A. saw B. visited C. looked at D. went for
12. A. take B. be taken to C. be carrying D. go
13. A. same B. similarly C. relative D. size
14. A. were warned B. cannot wait C. were anxious D. eagerly
15. A. rid of B. tired of C. the better of D. hold of
16. A. flowed B. flashed C. dumping D. flushed
17. A. Others B. Another C. The others D. The other
18. A. found B. lost C. searching D. seeking
19. A. sightseeing B. exam C. inspection D. business
20. A. times B. stories C. cases D. counts
21. A. eaten B. biting C. attracted D. attacked
22. A. carried in B. taken C. made D. looked into
III. Choose the best answers
23. After _____ my bicycle, I went for a ride with a friend. After _____ my bicycle, I went for a ride with a friend.
A. repaired B. repairing C. having repaired D. repair
24. Here ______ is the rest of the information.
A. are B. is C. has been D. have
25. The motorist drove in _____ an erratic manner that a traffic policeman stopped him to see if he was drunk or ill.
A. so B. such C. most D. very
26. Although she did a foolish thing, I feel _____towards her because she did not understand what she was doing.
A.sympathy B. sympathize C. sympathetic D. sympathizing
27. Sometimes it happens that a marriage _____on true love at all.
A. do not base B. does not base C. is not based D. has not based
28. The information which _____at the time of a census is useful in a variety of ways.
A. is collected B. are collected C. collected D. have been collected
29. That burning building is in a dangerous condition. According to the firemen, it may _____ at any time, so keep away from it.
A. smash B. faint C. demolish D. collapse
30. Put these overalls on to _____your clothes while you are painting.
A. reject B. conceal C. clarify D. protect
31. I can't work _____the answer to this problem without a calculator.
A. off B. out C. up D. away
32. I am sure Mary can _______ eventually.
A. success B. successfully C. successful D. succeed
33. This report is bound to _____the anger of the employees.
A. rise B. arouse C. rouse D. arise
34. "E" is the fifth _____in the ______.
A. alphabet/alphabet B. letter/alphabet C. letter/letter D. alphabet/letter
35. Let's wait until the rain _____before we go out.
A.stopping B. stops C. will stop D. stopped
36. Peter lost his identity card some time last week, but I think he ______it now.
A. has found B. found C. was found D. finds
37. When the price of rice rises, the _____always affected.
A. poor is B. poors is C. poor are D. poors are
38. The workmen have erected an _____hut on the building site.
A. L-shape B. L-shaping C. L-shapes D. L-shaped
39. Mary: That's a pretty dress Susan is wearing. Ann: ________. She has good taste.
A. Do you really think so? B. I don't think it suits her
C. I'm not so sure D. Yes, isn't it!
40. I'm sorry. We don't stock the type of camera _____ you want.
A. who B. XXX C. what D. whose
41. She is _____rich that she does not know what to do with her money.
A. very B. rather C. so D. quite
42. Mary: I can't repair this dress. Ann: Yes, _________.
A. I see so B. I so see C. So I see D. So see I
43. That is a new word. I must _____in dictionary.
A. find it out B. investigate into it. C. look it up D. make it out
44. When are you going to _____your leave, Mary?
A. take B. go away C. make D. do
45. If you had _____my warning about the heavy traffic, you would have left earlier.
A. listened B. heeded C. attended D. watched
46. X: Who usually parks his car in this place?
Y: Mr. Chen ____________.
A. does B. parks C. is D. has
47. There was a fire in the factory yesterday but the manager does not yet know the full _____of the damage.
A. extent B. content C. intent D. extend
48. I don't believe that story about a hunter who killed a tiger with his _____hands. It sounds incredible.
A. bare B. nude C. naked D. bared
49. "You should show more initiative," Mr. Chen said to Peter, "and not ______."
A. refuse to listen to other people
B. push yourself forward so much
C. always rely on other people
D. show others what to do.
50. Peter told John that he could do with some help in finishing his work. We know from this that
A. Peter wanted some assistance
B. Peter did not want John to help him
C. John was unwilling to help Peter
D. Peter felt sure that he could do the work by himself.